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Meet Lance

Lance LoRusso

Lance LoRusso

Lance LoRusso is an attorney and unapologetic advocate for law enforcement and first responders in the legal system and the media. 

Lance has over 30 years of public safety experience as an EMT, cop, and trainer.

Lance was named Attorney of the Year in 2021 by the National Fraternal Order of Police. 

Lance has represented over 150 first responders in shootings and critical incidents and also represents injured first responders. 

Lance is an author of educational books for first responders as well as fiction books inspired by his experiences as a first responder and representing them during some of the most trying times of their lives. The profits from his books go to support first responder charities.

Lance holds an undergraduate degree from Emory University and a Master’s degree from Kennesaw State University. He graduated with honors from Georgia State University College of Law. He is licensed to practice in Georgia, Tennessee, & Arkansas.

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